Co-operative Hail Insurance Company continues to closely monitor the COVID-19 outbreak.  We will be doing our best to both limit and help limit the spread of the virus by following the guidelines set out by our provincial and federal governments Public Health Agencies.

The health and safety of our communities, members, employees and their families are of the utmost importance.  Preventive behaviours will be promoted with our employees and contractors.

For now and until further notice it is not business as usual.  We have closed our office to the public, and we are requesting that our members and agents who may need to contact us do so by email leaving a message or request at .  We are working to enable our employees to continue a work from home regime, and promptly reply to any questions or information requests you may have.

It is our goal to continue to deliver the same high level of service you have come to expect of Co-operative Hail Insurance Company.  We continue to evaluate our established strategies to ensure that our critical business processes and operations are maintained, and that we will be able to deliver our services in the upcoming hail season.

It is important that you continue to look to our agent base to provide our services to you as the small businesses of your communities need your support more now than ever.

Thank you from the Co-operative Hail Insurance Company Team